My little Pirate

I didn’t think Ben was quite old enough to enjoy Halloween this year, but I was SO wrong! I found an excuse just about every day last week to dress Ben up in his (hand me down – THANK YOU SHARON!) adorable Pirate costume and he LOVED it. Boots and all. And by Friday night, if his hat fell off, he’d put it back on himself. We trick or treated (is that a verb?) in Irvine with some friends and their (had to have been at least twenty) kids. Ben was totally in to it. Followed the pack. Went door to door. Held open his little bag. And surrendered all candy to mom! He did even walk right past the candy giver at the door and into their house! I quickly went in after him and made a mental note to have the “stranger” conversation sooner rather than later. We made it about two streets worth of houses before Greg and I were over it. But I think Ben could have gone on for hours. Here’s the jolly Pirate and his papa.


One thought on “My little Pirate

  1. Micah did that last year too. (the walking into the candy giver’s house!) How uncomfortable is that, running into their house to grab your child?? No bueno! hehe.

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