happy happy joy joy

hmmmm….just reread a few blog entries from the past couple months and to an outsider (are there any of you out there?) it kind of sounds like i’m sad and depressed. really, it’s not like that! i’m just dramatic sometimes when i write. it helps me process. and sounds better. i promise i’m not embelishing the realities of my life to make it sound better. that would be pathetic.

anyway….i think i am a joyful person. friends – can i get a “YEA YOU ARE?!?!” i love celebrating the littlest victories. no mess on the island when Greg gets home, a 19 month old saying “pullllessssssse” as he’s running around the house with a box of breakfast bars that i’ve told him he can’t have, a painless trip to the DMV and no surprise written test – that really did happen a few years ago and i thought for sure i’d fail with out studying, but i passed – victory. i cherish opportunities to smile and laugh with friends. to enjoy the daily moments of life. to listen to the details of greg’s work day when he gets home. and kiss him good night. i could have an whole other blog for my sweet Greg. to feel the sun on my shoulders. have lunch dates with sweet Ben. to connect with old friends. i get excited about the silliest things. making Christmas cards in October. sending pictures of Ben to his favorite people. they get so excited. which i love. finding new recipies that everyone loves. talking to my grandmother. listening to my aunt. learning new things. knowing Jesus. and this smile.