I do know Jesus…

but how would you know that? not from the faith, hope and love ring that i use to wear, but took off years ago, or the cross around my neck….where did that cross go? …i think an ex-boyfriend gave that to me. is it in the ex-boyfriend box? do i still have an ex-boyfriend box? SHOULD i still have an ex-boyfriend box full of horrible tarnished cheap silver jewlery? definitely not. note to self: find and dispose of ex-boyfriend box. where was i? oh….do you know that i know Jesus? do you see it in how i spend my time (watching too much worthless TV instead of telling people about Jesus or even spending time with Jesus), or how i spend my money (where does the money go?). do you see it in the fear? in the worry? in the anxiety? do you hear it in my conversations? my relationships?

maybe you see it in my eyes? the little glimmer…of hope? the little bit of hope that i wish was so much bigger, the hope of Jesus that fills my soul? i hope you know…do you know…Jesus?