You look like you need a drink

I just keep learning new things… here in my 30s. Thought I had figured out the recipe for a happy life years ago. But low and behold, another ‘how did I survive before this?’ moment this afternoon.

Wine Clubs. Seriously? Seriously.
Unexpected knock at the door. The energy it takes to get off the couch (what are you doing on the couch again during your son’s nap time? aren’t there things to be done?!?!?!) , reminds you that you have no energy. But you press on to unfold the mystery of real estate solicitor (I know they are desperate for work these days… but please… no more flyers reminding me my house is not worth what I paid for it) or a high school kid selling candy. Mmmmmm…. chocolate sounds good. But to your surprise, a well dressed, nice looking UPS guy with a box. Sooooo much better!!! unfold mystery, unfold! signature required? Must be good. Am I 21 years old he asks? Seriously? Fabulous. I sign on the dotted line and pretend I’m 18…. my heart races. I know exactly what’s inside. A little something that will complete dinner and my day. A glass (1/2 bottle) of cab that takes me back to Napa. Thank you Alpha Omega Winery. Did I look like I needed a drink?